Wearable trends for Spring


27 apr Wearable trends for Spring

Practical wearable doable trends for Spring 2015

A basic google search on the latest and upcoming fashion trends will boggle your mind as to how on earth you’ll ever manage to wear that mesh crop top with your hijab or pull off a military jacket and look as good as Beyoncé! Truth be told, sometimes the clothes and colors and overall combinations might look amazing on the runway but something about it just doesn’t fit into the practicality of your daily 9-5 grind.

Here I’ve narrowed down the top 4 most practical, wearable, and doable trends (in my humblest opinion!) for Spring 2015. You can find most items in your wardrobe and it’s just a matter of adding a little something or putting a few pieces together and ta da! Updated outfit ready for an Instagram posting once the sun comes out! Use #practicalspring2015 as we’d love to see what you come up with!

1) Yellow: Not that mustard jumper you’ve worn out over the fall, but more along the lines of a custard or even pastel yellow. Think lighter variations as opposed to darker yellows and contrast them with whites, blues, and greys to create a fresh clean look. Yellow trousers, grey tee, and white blazer or denim shirt?!
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color-trends-2015-custard (1)

2) Monochrome: This classic combination looks beautiful when executed correctly. Black and white stripes, ginghams, solids, and prints, all definitely wearable and easy to put together. Don’t overthink or overdo the combinations or it may look a bit much; striped tee paired with a solid black or white skirt, or printed trousers with a solid blazer. Keep an eye out for shoes in these colors as they can instantly pull an entire look together!
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monochrome trend outfits street style 2015 fashion looks magazine blog black and white mimimal 3 (1)

3) Denim: Jeans, dungarees, trench coats, midi dresses, and shirts. If you feel like you belong in a Levi’s advert by the time you’re done, chances are you’re spot on! Only rule of thumb is to make sure the washes and colors are different from each other. An oversized light wash denim shirt over darker fitted skinnies and a pair of chucks or heels perhaps? Or DIY yourself a pair of patchwork jeans (denim on denim of course) for a piece exclusive to you!tendances_mode_printemps___t___2015_denim_20229460_north_499x_white

4) Khakhi: That earthy green which reminds you of an African safari, or a military green which reminds you of camouflage training. Yes. That. Works beautifully with whites, blacks, and denim, and can easily be dressed up or down. Khakhi skinnies or pants paired with a crisp white shirt and black strappy heels or a white tee tucked into a black midi skirt and khakhi blazer over the shoulders. The contrasts are few but the possibilities endless!Khaki trend

Hope this has made it a tad bit easier and you’re feeling inspired to put some looks together. Don’t forget to #practicalspring2015 to share what you come up with! I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions, or any ideas you might have for future posts so please feel free to comment down below! x

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