Your donations in aid of the refugees


21 Nov Your donations in aid of the refugees

With the help of your generous donations Hayati Network managed to collect 30 000 SEK to purchase necesseties in aid of the refugees in Greece

The money covered costs for

500 pairs of T-Shirts in different sizes
700 pairs of underwear for adults and children
400 pairs of socks
200 pairs of T-shirts and jumpers for kids
13 balls
33 deodorants
44 small disinfection bottles
6 big disinfection bottles to be put in the toilets
36 packages of wet wipes
20 packages napkins
40 soaps
40 hair bands
129 packets of biscuits
Food rations for 1,000 people

We compared several different stores to find the best price for right quality.

Many thanks for your tremendous commitment. All of your donations have made a difference in a refugees life.


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Best Regards Hayati Network

Dalila Megdiche Mouaid
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