Sirloin á la Mouaid


29 Nov Sirloin á la Mouaid

This Friday it was time for a long-awaited family dinner and on the menu was really only sirloin (the children requested tacos though). The rest of the menu took shape during my time in the kitchen. As usual I used what I could find at home to compose something creative. It resulted in sirloin with roasted root vegetables, mushroom sauce and marinated beetroots with a rocket/spinach salad. It’s important to be able to jugle many balls simultaneously here and to think one step ahead.

The following is needed for a dinner for 4 people (obviously it depends on how you count) I ‘d rather do too much than too little so the family can eat the following day.

5 peices of sirloin
8 normal -sized potatoes
4 parsnips
4 carrots
about 8 large mushrooms
about 5 Beets
1.5 ml cream
Olive oil
1.5 dl alcohol free white wine
herbal salt
Ox bullioin

As you notice it does not say exactly how much olive oil, vinegar, salt, etc. that is needed. Compose as you wish.

Root vegetables
Preheat the oven to 230 degrees C. Add salt and pepper to the meat ans let it rest while you prepare the rest
Boil the potatoes al dente, when the potatoes have boiled for about 5 minutes add the carrots and parsnips and cook together for about 5 more minutes. Remove the saucepan, rinse the vegetables and slice into pieces. Then put in a ovenware, drizzle with olive oil and herb salt and place in the oven to be roasted for about 15 minutes at 230 degrees C.


While the vegetables are being roasted in the oven heat up a pan over high heat. It is important that the pan is properly warmed up before the meat is placed in it. Before you add the meat, add a little margarine and a splash of olive oil in the pan and let it melt. Then place the pieces of meat and fry so they are sauted with color on every side. Add the pieces of meat in a ovenware after the vegetables have been inserted into the oven at 220 C for 5 minutes. Note! Save the steak sauce from the meat into a small bowl before proceeding to the next step.


As an extra detail, I also made half a garlic that I fried in the pan between the meat and the sauce.
Share a whole garlic in the middle, fry over high heat in a little olive oil on one side and then throw it into the oven with the vegetables.

Mushroom sauce
Use the steak sauce from the meat and pour it into a heated pan. Then add in the sliced ​​mushrooms and add the alcohol free white cooking wine to bubble together. Mix in cream, ox bouillon and soy sauce and cook over medium heat for a few minutes.

Peel and slice the beets, boil them in water for about 10 minutes so they are al dente and not too soft. Pour out the water but save a little at the bottom. Then pour thoroughly with olive oil, a dash of vinegar and herbal salts. Serve with rocket and spinach salad and sparkling water ?


Bon Appetit!
Mohammed Mouaid

Dalila Megdiche Mouaid
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