Poached cod with vegetables


14 Dec Poached cod with vegetables

An easy and light dish to enjoy for four persons.


500 g of Cod

8 small sweet peppers of different colors

2 carrots

One bundle of broccoli

A pinch of mixed pepper

A pinch of Salt

1 lime

Olive oil

2 cups of cream fraiche

2 tsp dill


Boil 0,5 l of water in a pot together with salt and mix peppers and put the fish in while the water is boiling, as soon as the fish turns completely white and is no longer raw take it out and put the fish into a heated pan with a little bit of olive oil. Fry it quickly on both sides just to give it some color.


fry the vegetables together in a heated pan on high temperaturen until they get some color. A few minutes are enough.


Mix cream fraiche with dill, salt, lime juice and a drop of olive oil.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

Mohammed Mouaid

Dalila Megdiche Mouaid
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