Natural hair vs. Crazy Colors


27 Sep Natural hair vs. Crazy Colors

Hi everybody!

What about today’s hair trends??

Well.. from highlights in the bottom like you did before, the new technique “balayage” has had a break through. It’s a way to highlight the hair to give it a more natural resultat.

What you can do is to color straight on the hair which makes you able to decide what kind of result you want.

I work a lot with the customer’s own natural color to create shiftings to give a natural look!

On the picture to the left I’ve use the balayage technique. The customer had its own color in the borrande wanted to freshen up but still keep her natural hair. image

A tip for you who don’t want to keep after your hair so often but still create a natural look.

We also have the more creative colors which you can see on the picture to the right. That trend has become huge!! You also keep the natural hair color there but create a contact which gives a verk cool look! Grey, blue, purple you name it!

Happy Sunday!


Dalila Megdiche Mouaid
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