08 Sep #hayatinetworkrefugee

What would you do if you and your family were in danger? You would probably escape, whereto matters less.
Almost every refugee knows someone who has been killed, tortured or raped. Nobody should have to go through that, nobody. What we do today will make a difference for tomorrow’s generation. You are important and so are they. If you have more than you need build a longer table not a higher fence.

We have started a collaboration with Konstantinos Polychronopoulosfrom the organization “The Other Human” in Greece. In October 2014 Konstantinos was awarded European of the year for his humanitarian work. You can read more about Konstantino and his collagues here:





Hayati Network travels to Greece as private persons to provide refugees with necessities. The fundraising in aid of the refugees will start on Friday. Stay posted for more information.

Dalila Megdiche Mouaid
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